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Vaginismus is characterized by painful contractions that make any vaginal penetration feel painful or uncomfortable. It is due to a combination of physical and non-physical stressors that elicit the body to anticipate pain. There are two main forms of vaginismus:

Primary vaginismus is a lifetime condition where pain has always been present during any attempt at vaginal penetration.
Secondary vaginismus is vaginal tightness or pain with penetration that has occurred after normal sexual function.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz has developed a specialized treatment plan for vaginismus that can be used alongside the care you might already be receiving. The treatment utilizes neuromodulators injected into the pelvic floor muscles to relax the area and break the pain cycle.

We’ve seen a 97% success rate following this procedure, and most women go on to experience normal vaginal penetration and sex lives after just one treatment.

Schedule a free, personalized consultation in Beverly Hills, CA to learn how Dr. Schwartz’s unique, neuromodulator-based treatment can help you break the pain cycle.


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Vaginismus can happen at any point in life. Some discover it early on when trying to place tampons or undergo gynecological exams. Others notice it years later, after beginning a sexual relationship with a partner.

Vaginismus may be caused by physical and/or non-physical stressors. It is also divided into primary and secondary vaginismus.


Primary vaginismus is a lifetime condition where pain has always been present during any attempt at vaginal penetration. It is often experienced during a woman’s first attempt at tampon placement or vaginal intercourse. This is the main cause of sexless, unconsummated marriages.


Secondary vaginismus involves vaginal tightness or pain in a woman who has had a previous normal sexual function. This can be due to infection, menopause, a traumatic event, development of a medical condition, relationship issues, surgery, or childbirth.

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Treating Vaginismus with Neuromodulators.

Although complex in terms of diagnosing, vaginismus can easily be treated with Neuromodulators. To spread awareness about the condition and how effective the treatment is, we teamed up with Buzzfeed to follow our patient through her journey.